What is Happiness? Ego vs. Soul

Ludmila Ritz
02.07.20 02:09 PM Comment(s)

To be happy, seek experiences, not titles. Titles serve the ego, but seeking soulful experiences serves the soul.

Serving our soul helps us to know who we are, and supports us in making choices that fully serve our well being in all that we are with our minds, bodies, spirit and soul. When we know ourselves more fully as we grow, learn and evolve, the more we are able to seek experiences that bring joy and happiness into our lives. And that's what we all want - to be happy! Our soul is what truly supports our growth and learning from all sorts of situations, and the best news is that it's never limiting; helping us to experience a full range of all that we truly are!

Serving our ego is very limiting however, and doesn't fully support going out of itself, nor does it support sharing you with other parts of who you are; it wants to hold you right there only and always, all for itself. Therefore what you see and witness around you might be limited because the ego is the only thing we see in front of us; ego grows the more we allow it to grow the less we see. Why is this at all important? Because one day we will have no choice but to feel who we fully and truly are: our soul self.  When we do, it might be very tormenting because the ego won't be able to grip onto you any longer. All that was never truly you will vanish. It won't be able to feed off you anymore since the soul took over; that's why our true soul self is able to shine through, and finally breathe and be itself. This can be severely overwhelming on our minds when what we knew for a long time suddenly makes no sense any longer, and we are left to feel and see all that we couldn't before. None of us are invincible; at one point or another, life finds a way to show us the truth, and reminds us that we are all temporary here. Life isn't forever, and it's our adventure to live it as God intended with a full range of all that we are! When our ego isn't in our way, we are able to do just that, and live a life where in the end you are able to pass with  clear conscious, peace and love.

So what do we do to help ourselves not to be controlled by our ego? We support our soul instead! But first, we must accept that we have an ego, and that it's there always trying to whisper in our ear. Yes we have an ego for a reason, though I believe that it's the physical part of us that helps us to make sure we don't waste the limited time we have experiencing that which is not for our well being, or will never happen as it's not who we are.  After all, we are on a time clock, and our ego helps us to remember that - it helps us to keep up with time and life so that we are able to accomplish whatever it is we desire while alive. It's like a fireball under our feet, you see? It always wants you to keep going and going, and it will serve you well if you don't over use it!

So how do we become aware that our ego is trying to get its way? We remind ourselves that we are smarter than it, and are able to discern the difference. We remind ourselves that we are more than the ego; we are also a soul energy self, we have a spirit self to keep us on the right path.  We remind ourselves that it's our soul and our spirit that keeps us aligned as we learn and grow; helping us to beat tough challenges in life, allowing our spirit to shine through as a support system for others. When our spirit shines, it lights up the world, and it supports all human beings as you become an inspiration to others. 

Again, our soul is who we actually are; like energy we cannot be created or destroyed, at least that's what I believe. So when ego tries to sneak up on me and whisper in my ear, I whisper in its ear right back, and remind it that I am not just it, and that it's not needed at this time during this experience I am having. Yes, sometimes our choices towards reaching those experiences doesn't always work out exactly as we thought or planned, but they are also needed, because experiences that are not easy help us grow, evolve and most importantly, give us an opportunity to become better souls than when we first arrived.

When my ego hears from me right way, it settles right back down to where it belongs, till I truly might need it -  sometimes ego helps because I am always growing and changing what I want to experience next, and if I don't participate to achieve it because I am hesitating, my ego will remind me of some important facts that I don't carry around my mind. That's when I know to thank it, and send it back to its position. Another helping way to fight and shrink our ego is by not attaching ourselves to what others are calling us in those moments of praise. Don't get attached to any praise of others; their praise is for them to celebrate what they just learned, understood and witnessed with their own soul and spirit self! What you are witnessing when someone praises you after you have helped them is theirs to take, and have, because you already received what you desired - seeking an experience to help another.

By doing so, we help that person to have a new life experience that will enrich their soul and spirit as they go on seeking. Don't help others if you want something back from them, or if you feel that's what you want - then it's a great opportunity to practice fighting our ego and shrink it back to where it righteously belongs; we are souls first, not the other way around!

The more that you are able to know your true soul self, the better experiences you will chose that fully and properly support you to learn, grow and evolve into the true self that you are. You will be able to understand clearly why you are choosing to do something or not to do something for the right fair reason, which will help you to know if your ego is trying to sneak up on you, or if it's where it should be.

Suddenly, we find ourselves with joy, and feeling happiness in the most small things. Suddenly life isn't so complicated, overwhelming, and lonely. I believe when we are able to understand all that we are without titles and our ego, we have an opportunity to have an actual chance to live a long happy and incredible life. We are able to be in sync with who we are, why we are here, and what purpose we truly seek to experience. So that when our time comes, and we are soon to leave the physical body and earth, we are able to do so with clear conscience and relieve to go on- because we happily lived and experienced all that we came here to experience, knowing purely that we are leaving more knowledgeable and enriched souls then when we first arrived.

Tip: be gentle on yourself while you are on your journey of learning and growing, it's okay when you make mistakes, just keep at it, don't punish yourself, or judge others - learn from them with your own heart and soul for you, and move on. Most importantly never give up on yourself. We are very adaptable and resilient beings with limitless potential inside; it's really fun to surprise yourself when you accomplish something you didn't know you could! Remember that you know more than you are aware of, and remember to love yourself as you grow.  Meanwhile, allow yourself the time to do so; we can't force a flower to grow and bud when we want, we have to patiently allow time to take care of it. So give yourself time to learn, grow and become the YOU!

Ludmila Ritz