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International Impact Book Awards Gala 2024

Ludmila Ritz was born in Crimea, Ukraine where she grew up until the age of fourteen before she got adopted from an orphanage by an American couple, and moved to New England to live with her new family in 2002. Shortly after Ludmila's arrival to America, the dream to write her life story one day was born. It would take her fifteen years to finally write her first memoir, "A Single Desperate Prayer,” sharing what she had endured and survived growing up in Post Soviet Ukraine. 

Her memoir received an Independent Author Book Award 2024, an International Impact Book Award 2024, The Book Fest First - Place Award 2024, an Eric Hoffer Book Award for Best Self - Published Press 2020, an Eric Hoffer First Horizon Book Award for Most Superior Work by a Debut Author 2020, and was a Finalist in all the Eric Hoffer Book Award categories, including Grand Prize Short - List 2020.

When Ludmila is not busy writing, you will find her working on her latest painting, or composing music at the piano. She enjoys capturing moments with her camera, being outdoors, and participating in a deep philosophical conversation by the fire. Mostly, she loves to laugh with her husband and have fun being goofy with their two pups. 

Ludmila hopes to keep inspiring people with her Faith in God, her understanding of the spiritual self, healing and intuition. 

Currently, Ritz continues to reside in New England with her husband Jonathan, and their two dogs Marley and Franky.