The "Daily Six"

Ludmila Ritz
03.06.20 09:01 PM Comment(s)

“To find yourself, think for yourself.”- Socrates

Everything in life has a formula to it; like in math, there are always steps to an equation we have to take to arrive at the correct result. When we are able to add the equation properly in our daily lives despite what hits us, we are able to gain more happiness, fulfillment, and purpose back into our lives. All we need is the right equation.

The Big Six A’s For Daily Living is how I keep myself on my own true path to make sure I don’t get lost while fulfilling all aspects of my life and Self. It’s my own math equation I created to keep me in check, and on the right track towards my happiness, purpose, fulfillment and dreams!

These days we have more responsibilities than ever before! Life demands endless tasks from us just to keep the lights on, and feed the family, never mind all else that’s constantly stalking us on daily basis, soaking us dry; it’s exhausting to keep up with. Nevertheless, we deserve to be healthy and happy, we deserve to do things that are not our duties, jobs, or responsibilities. We want to play! Regardless of our age, we all have dreams, goals, aspirations, and bucket lists to fulfill; we all want to live that authentic part of ourselves, but it seems to stay dormant most of the time, buried deep down inside because we don’t know how to adapt to it all: all that life demands from us daily. But it’s okay!

Not all is lost, it’s never too late. I read a news article not long ago where an elderly woman in her eighties decided to finally pick up that brush and paint something for the first time in her life; her work looked incredible, as if she has been painting all her life. I couldn’t believe that all these years, she didn’t have a chance to act on it! I am so happy to see that she did, because the truth is that we won’t always going to be here, and our authentic self wants to act before its too late!

Maybe it’s dance lessons you want to try out for once, maybe you have always wanted to try skydiving, or take up a cooking. Maybe you want to live in Hawaii or have five kids – whatever it might be live it! Don’t let yourself pass by. You deserve to live a fulfilling, full-of-purpose-and-happiness life that is your own, not just your responsibilities and duties.

The more we can adapt to all that we have these days – which is a ton to say the least – the more we are able to follow our hearts, and remain nice and close to our dreams, bucket lists and aspirations in life we want to carry out and create.

So, here is an equation of mine to help you to live your life to the fullest with mindfulness and awareness of your entire self so that you, too can experience all of life that is within you awaiting to shine.

Some of the things I use to help me get centered:

  • a candle,
  • a drum,
  • a jaw harp, and
  • a flute.

THE EQUATION: first get centered

Sit down, close your eyes and take a breath. You are checking in with yourself to feel what is happening with you. Don’t rush, take your time; it’s when we become aware, (conscious) that we are able to slowly and gently begin to focus in on what it is that is stooping us from doing something we want, need or desire. If you need help centering yourself, I’ve added a five minute meditation video just for you at the bottom of this post.

Hold it, don’t loose what you just caught! This is a crucial point – don’t judge yourself, simply just allow whatever you just brought to the surface to be recognized with a neutral approach. Remember you are now following a formula, an equation to help you sort through everything without feeling lost or overwhelmed. You now begin your day with a daily reminder of The Big Six A’s to help you stay on the right path with your body, mind, and spirit.

Then, add these six A’s together, one after another:

  1. Awareness – brings us to know what’s happening in our lives within. While siting there connecting to ourselves, we become aware of our entire self; our mind, our body and our spirit(soul). We become aware of what’s happening for us, to us, and without us.
  2. Acknowledgement – Once we have our awareness, and see what it is that is having a negative affect on us and our lives, we will be able to see how its preventing us from following through something in our lives. Maybe it’s our emotional state that isn’t happy, or content, and it is driving us up the wall. Maybe it’s our spirit that was recently hurt by someone we love and care about. Perhaps it’s our physical well-being that’s tired, worn out, and weak. Whatever the reason, at this point, with our awareness (checking in) and our acknowledgement (we know what’s happening to us) we are able to move on to the next stage of the process.
  3. Attitude – now we are at the tipping point: we have a choice to either change what we now know and are aware of, as we acknowledged it. Our attitude is what controls everything we do in life; it’s where everything is possible to either come alive or not. The choice is always ours to decide which way we want to keep on heading. We just need to remember we can’t run and hide from ourselves for ever; no matter how much we try, no matter how hard, we can’t separate ourselves from our selves.
  4. Action – at this point, we are ready to do something about “that which we have discovered was not working for us”; for our mind, body, and soul. We focused in on it, and once we have figured out what it was; in order to better ourselves – and live healthy and happy, with no blocks – we begin to shift our understanding; knowing exactly what needs to be done to remedy the situation, and bring us back to homeostasis within. Our attitude also shifts along the way; and through doing so, we have shifted and changed our priorities. We took action so that we may become the best version of ourselves once more; giving us room, and air to do what we have always wanted, needed and desired – we are able to allow the next stage to unfold without any anxiety and fear to make your goals, aspirations and dreams happen!
  5. Achievement – We have motivation now; we have become aware of what was stopping us; we have singled it out, and focused in on it without judgment towards ourselves. By doing so, we acknowledge it with a positive attitude, allowing us to take action as a result of feeling and understanding just how much it was taking away from our well-being. Now, we are ready; we wish to achieve that dormant idea, talent, book, class, etc.
  6. Adaptability – just like a computer, when we first turn it back on, it goes through its own checks and balances to make sure it can do what it’s supposed to: provide us with a healthy system on which we can then practice our skills, write emails, check schedules, surf the internet, do inventory, and so on. We need the same thing during our daily lives when we wake up and turn our computers (brains) back on. We need the proper equation to turn ourselves back on properly. Using The Big Six A’s daily, you will be amazed at what happens, and how much of your life will improve, and unfold graciously and accordingly for you. After all, none of us are able to run on static, viruses, and chaos if we don’t set ourselves properly for the day to come. Reboot your system every morning.

You can always come up with your own method to aid you, and help you live happily: with fulfillment, purpose, and joy. Or you can just do what I do and use this simple Big Six A’s equation: 1) be neutrally aware, 2) honestly acknowledging, 3) have an attitude-turned-positive, 4) then take action, 5) achieve what is good, 6) and do a centering-adaptive-reboot as often as needed.

I rely on it to help me solve the ultimate achievement equation of happiness, purpose, joy and order. I use it to live all of life – the good, the bad and the ugly – no matter what. After all, life is not easy, and its never been or is going to be, but we can certainly make it better by understanding how to live our own computers.

For those of you that need an easy tool to center yourself, I’ve made this five minute Forest Meditation for you.

For those of you that need an easy tool to center yourself, I’ve made this five minute Forest Meditation for you.

Ludmila Ritz