Riding The Wave

Ludmila Ritz
04.04.24 03:49 PM Comment(s)

The Balance Between Reality & Dreaming In Life

Reality helps us to build our resilience in life, so that we may learn and practice the balance of planting ourselves not only in reality, but also in dreaming and imagining the possibilities of our own deep longing within. You are yearning for yourself -  to feel free and unafraid to express yourself in all the possibilities that can play out in life for your highest good. Though we can only do this if we accept and embrace the shadow as well as the light.

Practice embracing not only your shadow and light, but also the worlds and humanity’s as well. Everything in life is paradoxical - it’s always in flux of light and shadow; only through acceptance of this knowing that we have the opportunity to feel genuine gratitude of being alive; having all of our ten fingers and ten toes, so happy to wake up and live another day in health and wellness. 

Suddenly, you find yourself whole, true to honoring all life, and free from fear; because you understand your power as well as your fragility. May you find the beat to your own drum, and witness miracles and dreams come true in your own life as you continue to practice faith, trust in God and yourself, and most importantly -  life itself. It is this knowledge from personal experiences that led me to finally be able to ride the wave of life in all that it maybe.

I could die tomorrow, or in a month, or a year, or I might live a joyous prosperous life filled with amazing experiences - it's all a beautiful mystery I learned to trust, and  in return witness my own growth -  as if more light found me. I hope you keep dreaming, and if you haven't started, it's never too late to begin right now, after all, what do you have to lose? Blessings to all on their life journey, and may you be inspired to dream in life! It is our birth right straight from God:) 

Ludmila Ritz