My Thoughts On Freedom

Ludmila Ritz
10.06.20 04:22 PM Comment(s)

The Notion of True Freedom

What is True Freedom?

For centuries we have been fighting to achieve it, and to have it to live by through costly means. For some years now I have been trying to understand what freedom actually is - without being told what it is - nothing is ever what it seems, and even definitions seems to be limited in someways.

Through years of life experiences and countless hours of awareness and thoughts about it, my own understanding found its way up to the surface. Finally I was able to learn the meaning of freedom through my own eyes and ears. This is where I have arrived: the word "freedom" to me at least, really means - experiencing that which isn't free. In reality there is no such a thing as freedom. I think the that's why we keep on thriving to get it like rabbits chasing a carrot on a string. Most often then not we don't get to eat the carrot either.  This leads me to believe something is certainly not in balance - upside down in an upright world sort of speak.  

Worse is what we are led to believe about attaining freedom...and how we should go about doing so. Many of us still struggle with what it truly means to be free. I mean, how many of us have attained what we thought was freedom only to find out that even after doing so we still find ourselves not feeling free...I know I have. Sure wasn't a picnic, but I got to learn the most important piece about freedom - the only freedom we truly have is our ability to stay tuned and true to our inner terrain where we can fully and wholly reside in freedom of who we are, and witness the world as it truly is in all its functions as a whole.

When I am vising my inner terrain, I am free! I am not surrounded by all that chains and bounds me to the ways of physical reality living - but instead opens me up to get to know the true world, and true self through the eyes of God's Consciousness; a place where we experience being a true observer as a human being in those moments. It's a place where we become nothing and everything all at the same time - slowly melting into all existence itself without bias, fear and ego. That's where I find freedom in all that it is and in all that it means. It's not possible to have freedom through the physical means alone, we need to spent time developing our inner terrain(our soul self). I never thought it would come to mean much, but let me say that even though it might seem stupid or silly at first, it will be worth doing. I am much more of myself, I know much more of who I am inside, and I am a better person for it. 

For example, when you close your eyes, breath and imagine your inner terrain - what does it look like? Is it a forest? A dessert? A beach? Maybe it's a mountain or perhaps a jungle? What about the time of the day? Is it pitch black with a full moon lighting - up the view? What's the weather like there? Is it summer? Is it winter? Maybe it's raining and foggy, or maybe it's scorching hot just like you like it. About about the types of trees you would like to see there? So many kinds out there! And throw in some bushes and flowers too - what would that look like? How about some animals? Are they around? Are they hiding, sleeping or maybe walking by your side as you stroll down the full moon night. Whatever your inner terrain is - and you will know - keep coming back to it as much as you can to keep it up, expand it, tend to it and so on. Give it a try, it really could be fun - and your imagination will thank you for it:)

Spend no more then five minutes to start or less if you haven't done so before, or it's been a while. See how it feels to create, visit and tend to your inner terrain(soul self). There you will find something that's otherwise is not possible to feel or have - true freedom.  It is there you will learn more of who you are, and what you need - because let's be honest, our wants aren't always straight with us, and don't guarantee freedom. And freedom is knowing our inner terrain and who we are when we are there. After that, you will always have a safe, free, and unburdened place to connect to when life gets the best of you, and gives you challenges - you will be able to stay tuned and true to who you are, and what you need to feel free to exist as your true soul self. That's what freedom is - everything else is an illusion.

Ludmila Ritz