Ludmila Ritz lives in New England with her husband Jonathan and their two beloved pups, Franky and Marley, who keep them young and on their toes.


Ever since she arrived in America in 2002, Ludmila knew she wanted to have a career that would focus on helping people to heal, get inspired, and live happily fulfilled lives. She wrote her memoir to do just that.


It took fifteen years to write her story, as it proved to be an overwhelmingly painful process with many false starts. Never giving up, she eventually wrote the entire manuscript for a Single Desperate Prayer  in a remarkably short span of time; her story had been percolating for years, and she was finally ready to tell it.


When Ludmila is not busy writing and helping others, you will find her working on her latest painting or composing music at the piano. She enjoys snapping-away with her camera, being outdoors, and participating in a good philosophical conversation by the fire. Mostly, she loves to laugh with her husband and have fun being goofy with the pups.


  Ludmila hopes to keep inspiring people with her Faith in God, her understanding of the spiritual self, healing and intuition.